June Jung Watercolor Tattoo Artist in Los Angeles

June Jung is known worldwide for her mastery of tattoo and especially of the watercolor and painterly styles of tattoo. June has been tattooing for 10 years, and is located in Los Angeles, CA.

June was honored to be featured in SpikeTV's "The Art of Ink" Watercolor episode. Check it out! -- It's not just about paint splatter and drips. Watercolor tattooing caught on because it is bright, beautiful, and simply whimsical - and that's how artists Amanda Wachob, Gene Coffey, Thea Duskin, and June Jung fell in love with it.

June's Bio

June was raised in Busan, South Korea. She's been an avid illustrator and lover of art since she can remember. After one and a half years as an accountant in Seoul, June decided to turn her life upside down, move to New York, and start an artistic adventure in the US. Since then, she's attended art school at FIT, lived in almost every borough of New York City, and established herself as a renowned tattoo artist.

When she's not tattooing, June is painting. Painting is a passion of June's in its own right, and it also helps her to further develop her modern, painterly tattoo style.

You can find June most days at her studio in Los Angeles tattooing and painting.