Customers, please keep an eye on our instagram @junejungart for new artists and guest artists. Artists, please contact us about working in our shop.

Resident Artists

June Jung - @tattoojune

June Jung is the founder of June Jung Art in Los Angeles. June is a world-renowned tattoo artist specializing in watercolor and illustrative styles. June is a master of botanical and natural subjects. June has been tattooing since 2008, working in many shops in New York City before settling in Los Angeles and opening June Jung Art in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

Learn More About June


Books Closed. Working though requests for September and October.

The next bookings will be for November and December. Those will open around September 1st, 2019.


Hemi - @hemi_tattoo

Before tattooing, Hemi worked as a successful comic artist for Korean comics and it shows. Hemi’s tattoos often exhibit a graphic/comic style and her original designs show limitless creativity.


Hemi’s Books are closed for now. Will reopen for August soon.


Beto - @bybdesign

Beto has been an artist his whole life and has been tattooing since 2015. Beto is known for artful black tattoos with a minimal, modern style. Some of Beto's favorite styles to work on include x-ray flowers and fine-detail black and gray subjects from the natural world (plants, flowers, insects and other critters)

Beto’s is accepting requests for July and August

Guest Artists

Sia - @sia_tattooer

Monday July 22nd - Saturday July 27th

Big cats at a small scale. Super detailed lions, tigers, and other subjects in black ink and accents of color.

Dahong - @dahong_tattoo

Monday July 21st - Saturday July 27th

Detailed, realistic flowers with deep colors. Snakes, swords, and other cool stuff.

Not accepting any more requests. Thank you!

Yeagee - @yeagee_tattoo

Monday July 29th - Monday August 19th

Expertly illustrated manhwa-style designs of Yeagee’s own characters. Subjects are often erotic, funny, and even creepy.

Double D - @double.d_tat

Wednesday Aug 21th - Tuesday August 27th

Fun subjects expertly tattooed in modern and pop art styles.

Yunha - @yunha_tattoo

Tue Sept 3rd - Saturday Sept 14th

Super creative color choices and compositions. Playful, dreamy lines that hang together beautifully.

(Booking will open July 23rd)

Gallery Arles - @gallery_arles

Tuesday Sep 17th - Saturday Oct 12th

Incredibly-colorful, hand-poked renditions of subjects that will make you smile.

(Booking will open Aug 6th)

Daldam - @daldam

Tuesday Sep 17th - Saturday Oct 12th

Fine art rendered as super fine detailed, full-color tattoos.

(Booking will open Aug 6th)